Play Your Part

Sustainable Fashion 

Rock vintage threads, swap clothes with friends, or simply wear what you already own. Let's embrace circular fashion this summer. 



If you live nearby - walk or cycle to the festival. If that's not an option, hop on public transport or car share with friends. Let's all make sustainable travel choices this summer. 

Play your part by reducing your emissions and making sustainable travel choices. 


Keep the Site Clean & Use the Right Bins 

We transform rubbish into energy and fertiliser. Cool, eh? Keep the festival site spick and span by using the right bins. 

Last year, by composting food and paper cup waste, we produced enough compost to feed a garden for over 500 years.  

Play your part to help us maximise our composting efforts by putting your rubbish in the right bins. 


Reduce Plastic Waste 

Stay hydrated and help reduce plastic waste. 

We have free to use water points across the site where you can refill your bottle again and again. 

It's super simple… bring a reusable water bottle (max. 1 litre, no glass) and use our water points to keep your bottle filled. 

Do not bring single-use disposable vapes. They pollute the environment and incorrect disposal of these can be hazardous at waste centres. 


Go Meat Free 

Feeling hungry? Give vegetarian or vegan options a go and reduce the environmental impact of your food. We have an amazing range of food vendors offering delicious, locally sourced plant-based meals. 

Play your part and choose a planet-friendly option and dig into some veggie or vegan goodness. 

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