Rest & Be Thankful

A massage the morning after a day of dancing, yoga after a night camping or preparing for a day of discovering new music with a coldwater dunk are just a few ways to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul this summer.

Festival goers can find a moment of peace or re-energise with yoga sessions led by experts. Whether you’re a yoga newbie or an expert, the sessions cater to all skill levels meaning you can kick-start your morning with meditation, take part in high-energy breathwork or laughing yoga ahead of seeing some of the biggest artists live. 

Yoga sessions will be run by world-known Kilted Yoga, Finlay Wilson as well as Nic Henderson, JoyWorks, Jess MacKenzie, Natalie Valenti & Cat Boyle. There will also be sessions exclusively available to campers, including Hatha Yoga.


Massage therapy for a new day of dancing

After a night of camping, massage therapists from Massage and Glow will be on site to work out any knots with back, neck and shoulder treatments as well as facials. 

Or you can pop into the massage tent between your favourite acts and walk away feeling relaxed and ready for even more live music, the team of therapists also offer glitter tattoos and make-up to keep you glowing!


Create calm with crystal reiki

Escape and unwind during high energy moments with the power of reiki and crystal healing sessions with Jade Mordente, a qualified Reiki Master. These sessions aim to balance energy, promote emotional healing, and enhance spiritual growth - you’ll leave feeling ready to take on anything.


Rise and shine with cold water therapy or warm up with a soothing sauna

Dare to take the plunge and start your morning right with cold-water therapy. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face from ear to ear, these sessions will allow you to reconnect with yourself, boost your energy levels, improve your mood and get your blood pumping for the day. 

Soul Water Sauna will be bringing a wood-fired sauna from the shores of Edinburgh to the lakeside at Connect where you can connect with your mind and nature at the heart of the festival.


A journey of music discovery and self discovery

In need of a motivational boost? Curious about your future? An array of life coaches, sound healers and tarot readers will be at Rest & Be Thankful, ready to take you on a unique journey of self discovery. There will also be expert-led talks and one to one sessions on women’s health, wild medicine, journaling and nutrition - leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 


All wellness activities are available to book and morning sessions mean campers have the chance to start their days on a positive note and unwind after a long day of musical revelry.

For more information and to book, visit here.

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100 days until we reconnect with each other.


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