Venue Announcement

Bringing you the very best in live music, from international acts to local heroes, from grassroots to global, we’re building a festival that gives you so much to discover. But Connect is more than music. It’s wrapped in outstanding experiences – comedy, spoken word, debate, visual arts and more. Plus we’ll have exceptional food and drink from local talent and big-name Scottish chefs.

A place to Connect that works for everyone

It’s important to us to make this festival as sustainable as we can. That’s why we’ve chosen a festival site you can reach by public transport almost as easily as by car.

The Royal Highland Showgrounds is just outside Edinburgh. So it’s close to all the main rail routes and easily accessible by bus and tram. It also offers existing power and water infrastructure, massively reducing the need for carbon-intensive and energy-hungry installations.  Best of all, its flexibility and adaptability means we can create an environment that works for all of us, whatever our needs, to make the most of our time together at the Festival. 

That is what Connect is all about. 


Rest & Be Thankful